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Hsu Chi : photo number 265142 : studio shot bedroom pussy alone full nudity lying down on side none static bare shirtless nude top skirtless nude hips bareskin non-visible shoes
Hsu Chi's pussy in picture #: 265142
Hsu Chi's pussy in high-res photo 265142 sized 1279 x 889
chickenwrote: on: 2009/12/04 06:17:31 UTC
wow. her nice Chinese pussy is perfect for my tiny Chinese dick!

Pimpwrote: on: 2009/11/01 08:36:27 UTC
She suck the dick good, yes?

Syd2wrote: on: 2008/11/02 11:07:27 UTC
Doesn;t get any better than this..........

dodobrain4wrote: on: 2008/05/29 12:33:51 UTC
she must know how to ride , extremely well !

robsonwrote: on: 2008/01/20 11:42:11 UTC
She's a diver's delight !

Bastard 72wrote: on: 2007/07/06 16:27:01 UTC
Oh mother of gods. just look at that COOCH !

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Hsu Chi in photo 265142. This is a studio shot made in the bedroom.
We can see her pussy and she is alone.
This photo contains full nudity.
Picture's attributes: lying down on side, none, static, bare
shirtless, nude top, skirtless, nude hips, wearing bareskin
and her feet non-visible shoes

Hsu Chi
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Hsu Chi

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Picture :: Properties
Dimensions1279 x 889
Size (kb)465

Picture :: Description
Picture typestudio shot
Interest focuspussy
She is ...alone
Contains ...full nudity
Girl positionlying down on side
Girl movementstatic
Sex activitynone
Head gearbare
Top garmentshirtless / n.a.
Top underwearnude top / n.a.
Bottom garmentskirtless / n.a.
Bottom underwearnude hips / n.a.
Legs / Feet wearbareskin
Shoesnon-visible shoes / n.a.

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