av idol
Shoko Takahashi
FRIDAY 2017-03-31

Open Pussy until the end of time

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Shoko Takahashi : photo number 4662995 : regular posing shot room legs part of a group full nudity lying down on side none static bare none none none none bareskin high-heel
Shoko Takahashi's legs in picture #: 4662995
Shoko Takahashi's legs in high-res photo 4662995 sized 1555 x 2048
Dakwrote: on: 2019/02/06 07:29:59 UTC
She has friends!

Wackwrote: on: 2018/10/24 09:39:59 UTC
Can I join in, ladies?

J-FemAddictwrote: on: 2017/12/26 21:09:12 UTC
Only three of you? I ordered four.

Jack jackwrote: on: 2017/08/11 04:10:53 UTC
Sleep over sex! I'm in!

wrote: on: 2017/08/03 01:04:54 UTC
Triple treat!

wrote: on: 2017/06/28 13:50:15 UTC
Just imagine coming out of the shower in your towel, and you find this on your livingroom floor.

zzjimsrwrote: on: 2017/06/15 23:58:30 UTC
Very Sweet!!

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Shoko Takahashi in photo 4662995. This is a regular posing shot made in the room.
We can see her legs and she is part of a group.
This photo contains full nudity.
Picture's attributes: lying down on side, none, static, bare
none, none, none, none, wearing bareskin
and her feet high-heel

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Av idol
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Shoko Takahashi
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FRIDAY 2017-03-31

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Picture :: Properties
Dimensions1555 x 2048
Size (kb)744

Picture :: Description
Picture typeregular posing shot
Interest focuslegs
She is ...part of a group
Contains ...full nudity
Girl positionlying down on side
Girl movementstatic
Sex activitynone
Head gearbare
Top garmentnone / nothing on top
Top underweartopless
Bottom garmentnone / neither skirt nor pants
Bottom underwearnone / no panties , nude bottom
Legs wearbareskin
Shoesblack high-heel

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