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Risa Misaki : picture number 495519 1989724: nature shot beach upper body alone full nudity standing side none static bare none none   unknown legwear shoes not visible
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who is av idol Risa Misaki ?
Risa Misaki is a japanese av idol born in Niigata on 11 11 1986. , and she is 171 cm tall, Risa's body measurements are: Bust: 88 cm, Waist: 59 cm and Hips: 89 cm.
....and this photo ?
Here we see Risa Misaki 's upper body in a full nudity photo, which was shot in a beach.
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Risa Misaki showing some nudity found on: 2017.07.05 at 13.26.33
Risa Misaki's ass in a feature closeup shot.
It contains some nudity.
Risa Misaki showing full nudity found on: 2016.12.18 at 20.55.17
Risa Misaki's full body in a regular posing shot.
It contains full nudity.
Risa Misaki showing some nudity found on: 2016.12.18 at 20.51.32
Risa Misaki's breasts in a feature closeup shot.
It contains some nudity.
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Soft Hostess - uncensored
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Xcity #065 - Reborn
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X-City Web Gallery #074
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Risa Misaki
Bio :: Profile
Full NameRisa Misaki : 岬リサ
Country CodeJP
City / StateNiigata
Birth Datey: [1986] m: [11] d: [11]
Blood Type
Height (cm)171
Measurements (cm)B: [88] W: [59] H: [89]
Previous Identitynatsuki kumada
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Picture :: Description
Picture typenature shot
Interest focusupper body
She is ...alone
Contains ...full nudity
Girl positionstanding side
Girl movementstatic
Sex activitynone
Head gearbare
Top garmentnone / nothing on top
Top underweartopless
Bottom garment / n.a.
Bottom underwear / n.a.
Legs wearunknown legwear
Shoesn.a. shoes not visible

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Risa Misaki