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Maria Ozawa
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Maria Ozawa
Bio :: Profile
Full NameMaria Ozawa
Country CodeJP
City / StateHokkaido
Birth Datey: [1986] m: [1] d: [8]
Blood TypeA
Height (cm)162
Measurements (cm)B: [88] W: [58] H: [86]
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Picture :: Description
Picture typesexual shot
Interest focusface
She is ...with a man
Contains ...XXX rated - sex
Girl positionkneeling side
Girl movementstatic
Sex activitytoy
Head gearbare
Top garment / n.a.
Top underwear / n.a.
Bottom garment / n.a.
Bottom underwear / n.a.
Legs / Feet wearunknown legwear
Shoesnon-visible shoes / n.a.

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Maria Ozawa