awesome !


(been asking the same fucking question for 20 years, but I guess humanity isn't ready for cool shit)


ALWAYS question WTC7 ! - and you'll find the perps !

All Wars Are Bankers Wars (watch this one!)

zeitgeist the movie(2hrs:700mb) (it got Russo wellstoned) the truth will set you free

A-11 work and no play made Stanley a dull boy !

NOTE: I don't twitshit or facefuck, or do any "social" media, so if you visit those, you are on the wrong path to salvation !

If you landed here looking for some stupid pseudocode programmed by a shameless retard, who called it "BobX",
probably to freeload off my fame, you have come to the wrong place.
I despise anything that is not assembler or C
and any object oriented bullshit is just a waste of time and money. As you cannot guarantee task sequentiality and coordination
(the *object* [subroutine] will get executed whenever the OS decides to scrub its memory, which happens pretty much randomly, both in time and space),
which is for example, why your cellphone sent that dirty SMS to your wife rather than your mistress !
(or your blackberry crashes, or your ipad is not allowed to multitask (shhhhh inside intel))

watch this video ! really !
you can download it HQ money as debt

why does windows suck?

simple: snively greedy mother fuckers in charge of underpaid lazy programmers who think they're the shit !

psycho pussy knocks out large asshole dog with tae-kwon-do master kick !

monkeys betatesting deathstick

[HINT: the same kind of nonsense that almost destroyed planet omicron 4]

Now, can you say Holy Flying Shit ? ..... I knew you could !

time to freak the fuck out

some freaky shit

Thought of the day: WALSTREETPRO FOR PRESIDENT !!!!

Q: There are only 3 universal constants: Greed, Stupidity and Evil , all 3 usually manifest themselves in a specific mother fucker who in his dumbfuckedness manages to fuck everyone over first, and then ends up fucking himself over too ..... all other things in this universe appear at random and when you least expect them. (quoting myself)
the 9/11 plot explained

Abandon Ship
abandon ship

I call stupid people TERRAFORMERS , cause, IMHO, we should use them to explore and fertilize the solar system.
I found the ideal spaceship to send them on their way: The ROTON

You're an instant Winner.... through that little porthole, you stupid Winkak user !

if the allmighty asshole wanted us to fly.......
did you shit your pants?
HINT: typical example of the term [good business] : [buy cheapest crap, make good profit]

This here is as close as I could come to depicting a KRELL.
if you don't know what this is all about, then I suggest you continue below...(you l.g.m.)

Now, based on the doors, the stairs with the groove in the middle, the 3 tracks on the floor leading from the office to the lab, the lab chair with a wide berth, the angle on the caliper of the plastic educator, and the yellow knobs with the easy-to-grab-buttons.
I hereby present you the first visual record of a KRELL.

The fact that my model has only 4 fingers on one hand could be due to his job as the lab technician. MUHAHHAHA

(oh btw, if you would like some Krell Music recorded, just click on the link. The dude looks like a Krell, and his music sounds like Krell, Ergo he must be a Krell)

p.s.: did you look only in the mirror ? .... nahhh, I didn't think so !

now, lets jump into deep-deep scifi, if you know this battleship, you probably also know the sexy Venus (in an XL-5)....

and you're probably old enough to enjoy the "dark"er side of this site.

Japan !, go to japan, you will never want to leave !
Shinkansen Nozomi 500 series2
Freedom , dont let the system take that away from you
Suzuki Hayabusa - Blasting Paris Freeways
Porsche 911 Turbo Stockholm Getaway
Freedom can be seen also in Russia's highways
Koguchi raping the Nissan (closed circuit, but good stuff anyway)

hot women ::

av idols race queen

feel free to hotlink or use this symbol, if your ISP is smart enough to offer such wonderful option !

self reminder: movies with that "donng...wuuuuuuuwwww" prop sound found so far: alien (when they are searching for the first facegrabberchicken) , bladerunner (in the apartment with rachel), abominable, sw chapter 2 (when obiwan is listening to dooku's plot), sw chapter 4 (obiwan going to meet vader), sw5 (when luke fights vader), sw6 (when luke talks to the emperor), blade runner 2049 (when Joi checks Deckard's vials in Vegas)
funny coincs:
1. doom - predator, helicopter scene , guy asks for a little pussy
2. doom - predator, catch the flying object
3. dark star - aliens - alien v. predator (the knife scene, one of dan o'bannon's gigs I guess)
4. star trek 5 - 2010 , the sonar sound of the probe, the shuttle entry
5. S.I.D. == "Speech Intelligence Decoder" in C.S. -- S.I.D. == "Space Intruder Detector" UFO
6. Crater 101 in C.S. (the HQ bubble) -- The underwater cloning bubble in UFO -- SW Episode 1 Jaja's city - all can be entered through the wall (self repairing wall)
7. Star Trek 1 -- Solaris (original) (new Solaris does have the busted door, but act lamentably unseen) - the crazy chick going through the metal door / I add the heavy bulkhead door shredded open by the beast in Leviathan, no chick on that one, but same effect.
8. Star Trek TOS (Amok Time) -- Forbidden Planet - the C57D is going to Altair 4 , the Enterprise is going to Altair 6
9. T3 - Escape from New York -- Riddick - Pitch Black - "Keep moving..."
10. Escape from New York -- Planet Terror - the circumstance musak
11. Escape from New York -- Buckaroo Banzai 8th dimension - " President of what..."
12. War of the Worlds (orig) -- ID4 - " El Toro base "
13. the bar indiana jones meets the chinese is called OBI WAN
14. 20k miles under the sea - Star Trek -- Rura Pente !
15. Aliens - Doom -- Game Time !
16. Forbidden Planet - SW episode 1 , the melting door !
17. Forbidden Planet - Man from UNCLE, The Neptune Affair, 3 stooges in orbit (in the martian base): the power fence posts, also the PACMAN gauges-strobes !
The C-57D ship, and the PACMAN gauges appear also in the twilight zone, "Third from the Sun", and in Elegy (here only the PACMAN gauges). The C-57D ship reappears in Twilight Zone "The Invaders".
18. Movies with the hypnotic 2+ horizontal red light setup: Pitchblack, Riddick, Blade Runner, Star Trek 2009, ET, Casino Royale (when mata gets captured and arrives at the base), Soldier (the assault ship), SW Episode 3 (when they get to the chancellor at the top of the spire in d00ku's battleship), the 10th victim (the italian one with matroianni)
19. This is a weird one, the last indiana film with the skulls, the last scene with the psychic, the temple/dungeon, and the UFO is basically a recreation of TinTin's ufo encounter (flight 714 to sydney)
20. the rising rocks antigravity effect, knowing (2009), resident evil extinction, akira, x-men (the one where xavier dies)
21. Bladerunner: when deckard is calling rachel from the phone at taffy lewis, the sound on connect is the same sound as the strange gunbox key opening in the movie "The Five Dragons"
22. "Raspberry jam", vincent price (Raven), showing the proverbial fuckoff finger -- Spaceballs "only one man dares give me the raspberry..."
23. the mars set (actually the complete panning shot) in The Outer Limits, Episode "The Invisible Enemy" (1964) (when the second ship arrives) is the same as the one in "Terror from beyond space" (1958), the original one had a much better starry sky though !
24. The corridor with all the doors: Matrix, Casino Royale (original)
25. Predator - The double-heart sound of the Predator is a slowed-down and amplified version of the 2 FANS sound heard in the cabin when dutch meets dillon and the general ! (IMHO)
Fatal Errors: 1. Alien - Spunkmeyer is seen in the lab helping Bishop, but he's actually in the dropship, waiting for "immediate dustoff".

My acronyms:
AFC: Abso Fucking Certainly
CDS: Coma Drool Sleep (what happens after a 36 hour programming session, or a 72 hour server recovery party)

blast from the past 1986-1988: Isla Vista arcade, SINI-STAR , MATT vs. BOBX ! (yea it's me MATT !)

you wanna know some kick arse info ? Steve McQueen didn't die like they say. He operated in mexico, and came back with a new ident in his jet
his new ident was/is Quentin Cedar, and he was living in Santa Barbara, CA.
I know cuz I know !